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Asked a question 2 years ago

Can herbs help stop snoring?

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Some herbs can stop snoring naturally!

Snoring is frustrating for both snorers and their partners, but in many cases can be cured easily by natural remedies, such as herbs. 

How can herbs stop or decrease snoring?

The type of the herbs used to help with snoring depends on the reason of snoring. If the reason for your snoring is chest congestion or nasal passages then herbs, such as Peppermint Oil and Goldenseal, can help to stop or dramatically reduce the snoring. The best way to use these anti-snoring herbs is to mix them in your decaffeinated herbal tea (mint tea) and drink it before you go to bed. Also, your snoring may have roots in indigestion problems. In this case, you can use herbs like Fenugreek and Spearmint. These herbs improve the digestion and prevent acid reflux that may cause to snoring.

Beside herbs, there are habitual practices that can stop snoring. Some of these practices are avoiding alcohol consumption and heavy meals at night, sleeping on sides, taking a hot shower and cleaning nose before sleep, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep.