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How did Smart Nora change your life?

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We learned about Smart Nora at a dinner party from a friend who described how it worked and raved about the results. Our friend's wife was curious enthusiastic. I was curious, but skeptical. My wife, who has complained about my snoring for years, was less skeptical. Then our friend explained there was a money-back guarantee. When we arrived home, my wife had not forgotten and urged me to try Smart Nora. What did we have to lose?

I ordered Smart Nora on-line, it arrived within a few days, and was nicely packaged with clear set-up instructions. I chose to mount the wireless sensor on a window frame just above and behind my head. I left the sensitivity on the default setting. I started with a pillow that was a bit too thick and switched to a thinner pillow to allow the Smart Nora bellows to inflate without being constricted. The compressor that inflates the bellows is virtually silent; I never hear it running. Ever. Same goes for the bellows that inflate; it never wakes me up, but it does interrupt my snoring. 

After three nights using Smart Nora, my wife announced success. She was sleeping better because I wasn't snoring. After a week, I realized I was sleeping better, too. I was getting the best sleep I'd experienced in decades. And on the occasions where I forgot to activate it before going to sleep, my wife would wake me with a gentle reminder - "Turn on Nora, please!"

The design and manufacturing quality of the product components is excellent. My only modification was I partially covered the indicator light on the remote sensor with some blue painter's tape to reduce the brightness a bit.

I've been using Smart Nora for almost a year now and am still very pleased with it's performance. We've told many people about Smart Nora and have recommended it to friends who have snoring issues. Before undergoing surgery recently, the anesthesiologist asked me if I had any problems with snoring. "I used to have a snoring problem, but then I started using Smart Nora," I explained. Intrigued, she pulled out pen and paper to write down the name. "What was the name of that product? My husband snores and I'm going to tell him to try it."

There should be more products that do what they say they'll do, aren't outrageously expensive, are well-designed and manufactured, come with clear instructions, and offer a money-back guarantee. Smart Nora is just such a product.

My wife said to add this: "Give Smart Nora a try. You'll sleep better and so will your partner."

My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years now. I don't know how he has tolerated my snoring for that long because sometimes, even I can't tolerate myself! I am a light sleeper so I was weary of trying out Smart Nora because I didn't want to continuously wake up in the middle of the night by the movement of the pillow. But to my surprise, I have had the best sleep in years since I purchased it a few months ago! 

Before Smart Nora, bedtime was not something my husband and I looked forward to. I have tried various over the counter mouth guards because I thought that they were the most affordable even though not the most comfortable. Mouth guards did not work. Due to my continuous snoring at night, my husband and I woke up tired on most days. One cup of coffee just doesn't do the job anymore. I would wake up a few times during the night because of my husband's nudge. Although I fell asleep again, it eventually took a toll on me. After a friend told me about Smart Nora I decided to do a little research on my own. Honestly, I was hesitant to purchase it because of the price tag at first but honestly it is the best purchase I have ever made.

It took about a week for me to get used to Smart Nora. The customer service representatives were very helpful in helping me set up the device. My husband no longer has to wake up and nudge me, he has Nora to thank for that. I wake up feeling so much better now! My mornings have never been better.

Smart Nora...a  life changer with sweet dreams.

Want to save your marriage and stop using those uncomfortable mouth devices, which required me to use dry mouthwash too? Give Smart Nora a try.

Since using this anti-snoring device, I am now sleeping through the night without waking up to drink water or rinse my mouth. Having used two different mouth devices for years before Smart Nora, I felt guilty laying my head down without something constricting my jaw. But this device works!

Smart Nora under my pillow gently inflates when I snore and it causing me to move and open up my air passage, which eliminate the noise. My wife of 37 years says it has helped over 90% of the time plus she no longer has to wear earplugs and that makes for a happy wife guys.

Traveling used to give me hesitation with the lithium battery in checked baggage but the TSA people are familiar with anti-snoring devices and it goes right through. Its compact case is handy but I always include the brochure and literature indicating complete details just to be safe.

Smart Nora works for this retired professor and it not that expensive for what it has done for my life and marriage.

I recommend Smart Nora and you too will have Sweet Dreams!

In recent years, my snoring has gotten worse, and my wife has been suffering because she is a light sleeper. There were days where she appeared to be the walking dead because she got only a few hours sleep! We tried a few different things: nose strips, earplugs (for her!), and a few other things, but nothing worked!

Since getting Nora? All that has changed. It's not back to how it was yet, but we are getting there! We are both still adjusting to Nora but not only is she sleeping more, but I am sleeping more as my wife isn't constantly waking me up! Not only this, but I sleep much better with Nora than without! I feel more rested than I ever did before! Not only that but, as a creative writer, I find myself being more creative, as I am finally fully rested!

I would 100% recommend this item to any snorer I know!

I’ve used the Smart Nora for a year and I use an app called sleep cycle to track my snoring and sleep movements. I can tell you since using the Smart Nora I have do not wake up with head aches from lack of oxygen, like I used to. I have reduced the snoring according to the sleep app by 70% and my throat doesn’t really hurt like it used to upon waking. I also noticed that before I used the Smart Nora I would jerk my legs once in a while in the middle of my sleep and wake up which I’m assuming my body sensed by lack of breathing and involentarily trying to make me wake up to breath, this hasnt happened since using the Smart Nora. I also do feel less sleepy during the day from the better quality of sleep with this device.

The Sleep Nora device is worth every penny, it’s not hype it’s a real product that works!

We have been married for 18 years now. I work in IT and my wife is a physical therapist who chooses to stay at home with our daughter and be a full-time mom (the most demanding of jobs!). I started experiencing significant sleeping problems about 15 years ago. At one point I got in trouble for falling asleep at work because of bad sleep. I was able to address this by losing some weight and getting in better shape, but my sleep problems continued. My wife told me I made regular, but sudden, snoring noises. My snoring pattern was to breath heavily, then not at all, then snore loudly. It was pretty disturbing at its loudest. There were many nights when she would elbow me or I would move to the guest room voluntarily because of my snoring. 

I had looked at a few snoring solutions, but nothing appealed to me. I couldn't stand the idea of having something in my mouth or nose. But when I heard of Smart Nora I decided to give it a try. I have to say it has made a big difference in my sleep and our marriage. I think the Smart Nora has trained me to be more sensitive to my own snoring. Given my snoring pattern, Smart Nora is ideal for me. My louder breathing triggers the unit and I'll change position, which prevents me from getting to the actual snoring stage. 

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I routinely wake up with more energy. I also really like that the Smart Nora is so easily portable. We've taken it on several trips and it works great anywhere we go. Now I don't travel without it. I'd recommend that anyone with snoring issues to give Smart Nora a try.

My husband snores. It’s bad. We were sleeping in different bedrooms and hated it. Next step was a cpap and both of us wanted to try everything possible first. We ordered the Smart Nora. It’s been life changing! we are back to sharing a bed. Even better, he’s more rested and manynof thebissues de was dealing with are gone. 

I kept seeing Nora in my Facebook feed and finally ordered it.  Knowing I had 30 days to try it made it an easy decision.  I received it, started using it and both my wife and I fell in love.

She got her sleep back and we both were able to sleep in the same bed without one of us leaving half way through the night.

My sleeps were deeper and more satisfying.

So ultimately Nora improved my marriage and my health.  

Pretty important I would say.

Thanks Nora!  xo.

And PS. the customer services team is INCREDIBLE.

As soon as we set up our Smart Nora, my wife told me that my snoring no longer woke her at night.  She abandoned the notion that she might have to sleep in another room.  We have had our Nora for one year.  It works flawlessly, and my wife won't let me sleep without it--not even on vacation.

I feEl good and so much more rested.  No more daytime naps now. 

My wife no longer pushes me in the night to shut me up, and I no longer feel guilty for ruining her sleep.  So it has helped me a great deal!  

I read about Smart Nora some months ago and finally decided to bite the bullet and try it. I was told my snoring was impossible, and though I'm not sleeping with anyone right now, I didn't want it to become an issue in the future.

My son helped me set up Nora when it arrived, and I tried it that night, after installing a snoring app called SnoreLab, which tracks and even records your snoring so you can play it back. It also gives your snoring a number, so you can see how well you do.

The first night, my snoring was at 118. The second night, I was at 110. The third night, I was at 40, and the fourth night at 30! Regretfully, after that I took a long road trip and lent Nora to my ex-husband to try (he uses a CPAP machine and hates it, so I thought maybe I could help him out). 

I didn't get the SmartNora back till more than a week later, and since then, it's been hard to get back to great sleep and less snoring, though I did have one night where my snoring actually registered zero on the snoring app! That was fantastic.

However, the one thing I've noticed is that no matter how high the number is, I almost never have 'epic-level' snoring anymore, whereas before Smart Nora I did it a lot. That in itself is a huge improvement; I'm hoping that eventually my snoring will go down to a lower level permanently. I already feel more energetic in the morning, which is well worth the price of the SmartNora right there!