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Asked a question 3 years ago

How do you keep other noises from activating smart Nora?

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Placing the Nora Pill on my headboard and turning down the sensitivity has worked for me. 

Smart Nora activates when your snoring is about to get louder than the ambient noise level in your room. It is designed to work best in a quiet bedroom, therefore we recommend sleeping in a quiet bedroom environment with no background/ambient noise.

Ambient noise can be regular sounds such as a fan, an AC unit, a white noise machine or outside traffic noises. Although Smart Nora has been designed to function with mild background noises, our customers report mixed results when using their Nora in a louder bedroom environment. We recommend a quiet bedroom for optimal snoring detection results.

Please make sure that you are using the overhead mount and placing it 4 inches above your head. If you are using a white noise machine, place the pebble as far away from the source of noise as possible.