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How does a life change after marriage?

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Marriage makes some changes to your life, really big ones. Getting married means sharing your life with someone else, and it makes you discover new aspects of your own personality. When you get married, you need to forget your bachelor life and adopt with a lifestyle that works for you both as a couple. So, a lot changes after marriage:

1. You will establish a routine that works not only with your own lifestyle but also with your spouse’s too. After a while, you will realize that you don’t have time for the things you were doing before your marriage. You'll need to spend most of your time with your spouse, and his or her friends and family as well.

2. You will learn housework, like cooking and cleaning. Eating out every single night and living in a messy place does not work after marriage. As a couple, you both need to make your place a real home; where that gives you the feeling of being a family. Also, as you are going to have friends and family gathered in your place more often, you'll' need to learn how to be a real host. Good luck with that :)

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3. You'll need to take more/different responsibilities. Marital life takes great teamwork. When you get married, you need to share the responsibilities with your spouse, and you have to take it seriously. Things like making money, taking care of your house, bills, insurance, kids, family gatherings, groceries, and many more, cannot be done just by one of you. After marriage, you'll learn how to take new responsibilities as a team member.

4. You'll not feel alone or unsupported anymore. Besides many good things about getting married, the greatest feeling is being supported all the time. After marriage, if it is a successful marriage, you’ll have the support from your spouse, which improves your confidence and makes a braver version of you.

5. Most probably you will have sex every night for the first couple of night. After a while, it will be a couple of times in a week, and sex gives its place to a warm hug, which is what you want all the time.

6. Sacrifice is a part of a successful marriage. Even if you are a selfish person, after marriage there’ll be times that you forget about yourself, and all you care about is making your spouse happy. This might be good practice for having a child in the future.

Although your life changes entirely after marriage, you will be the same person with new skills and abilities. If you love your spouse, you will never regret changing your life, and you’ll enjoy your every moment.

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