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What are natural remedies to stop snoring?

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Snoring is a common, yet annoying condition that can be stopped or dramatically reduced by natural remedies, such as changing habits and using herbs or essential oils. There are many different reasons for snoring. In order to identify how to stop snoring, you need to find the reason for your snoring.

Generally speaking, snoring happens due to the partially obstructed airway in nose or throat that vibrates the surrounding tissues and generates the snoring sound. There are different reasons that may cause to the airway obstruction and the solution for snoring changes accordingly.

There are simple practices that can decrease snoring. Below are the habitual changes that may prevent you from snoring.

  • Do not sleep on your back: When you sleep on your back, the soft palate collapses to the back wall of your throat, causing a vibrating sound or snoring. Try to habit yourself to sleep on your sides. You can use body pillows to prevent from rolling on your back during the sleep.
  • Lose weight: When you gain weight around your neck, the inner diameter of throat airway decreases and results in louder snoring.
  • Do not drink alcohol before sleep: Drinking alcohol, or anything that causes to muscle relaxation and expansion, can increase the chance of snoring. Doctors say that it is better not to drink alcohol 4-5 hours before going to bed.
  • Have enough sleep: When you do not sleep enough, you get over-tired and when you finally get the chance to sleep, you sleep deep and hard. It makes your muscles more relaxed and expanded and leads to louder snoring.
  • Clean your nose before sleep: By cleaning your nose, you open the airway and let the air move slower. A hot shower before sleep or rinsing your nasal airway can help you clean the airway.
  • Keep your pillow clean: Change your pillow and pillow cover more often to prevent any dust in your pillow. Dust irritates your nasal airway and can lead to allergies that increase the chance of snoring.
  • Keep animals out of your bedroom: Animals, or better to say their hair and fur, leads to allergy and nasal obstruction as well.
  • Drink enough water: When you are dehydrated, the soft palate in your throat becomes stickier and makes louder noises of snoring.

Some herbs can stop snoring naturally! The type of the herbs used to help with snoring depends on the reason of snoring. If the reason for your snoring is chest congestion or nasal passages then herbs, such as Peppermint Oil and Goldenseal, can help to stop or dramatically reduce the snoring. The best way to use these anti-snoring herbs is to mix them in your decaffeinated herbal tea (mint tea) and drink it before you go to bed. Also, your snoring may have roots at indigestion problems. In this case, you can use herbs like Fenugreek and Spearmint. These herbs improve the digestion and prevent acid reflux that may cause to snoring.

The other natural remedy for snoring problem is vitamin C. You may know that vitamin C empowers your immune system and clears your sinuses. As a result of a clear sinus, the nasal airway stays open and reduce the chance of snoring. Some of the best sources for vitamin C are the bell pepper, lime, lemon, broccoli, papaya, orange, and pineapple. By putting these in your daily diet, you can strengthen your immune system, and get rid of many problems, including snoring. It is also very helpful to use eucalyptus and peppermint to clean your sinuses that opens up the nasal airways. You can either use leaves or essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint in hot water and inhale it for a couple of minutes. Do this before going to bed and enjoy a good night’s sleep.