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What are the effects of snoring on your partner?

What to do when someone is snoring?

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Originally answered to "What to do when someone is snoring?"

Many of the snorers keep their partners awake at night by their loud and annoying snores. A snorer won’t understand how bothersome it is to stay awake all night unless he/she has a snoring partner. My partner snores and won’t let me sleep, so I wanted to know what I can do to have a better night’s sleep.

For months, all I was doing was nudging him and waking him up. But he goes back to sleep in a few seconds and starts snoring again. I cover my ears with earplugs, which does not work when he snores very loud. Some nights I even sleep in a separate room, which makes my partner feel ashamed and causes relationship issues in the long term.

In order to manage my partner’s snoring issue, first, I needed to know the reason for his snoring. Snoring is a very common problem; 45% of people snore, at least occasionally. Since there are different reasons for and types of snoring, the solutions for snoring differs for each person. Snoring may be caused by a blocked nose leading to mouth breathing, tongue obstructing the throat airway, palate and uvula vibration, or a combination of these factors.

By doing simple practices, you can find the reason and appropriate solution for your snoring. Cleaning your nose and taking a hot shower before sleep, not drinking alcohol before going to bed, sleeping on the sides, and many more solutions are there that can stop you from snoring. To prevent the snorer from rolling on their back during the sleep, they can use body pillows that cover their back and only make it possible to lie on the sides. However, even the body pillows may not work for you.

The partners also can go to bed earlier than their snoring partner, but sometimes the snore is loud enough to wake you up from a very deep sleep. Therefore, what you can do is either continue to nudge your snoring partner multiple times in a night, or use something else to do the same nudging on behalf of you.

I found that this anti-snoring device100 does the same nudging, gentle enough that the snorer and his/her partner don’t wake up. It gently moves the head and stimulates the neck muscles. This restores the airway and stops the snoring. This is a very simple, yet powerful anti-snoring device. My recommended solution is to get an anti-snoring device and relieve yourself and your partner from the snoring problem.

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