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Snoring Surgery
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the cost of snoring surgery by countries?

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I had been snoring loudly and bothering my girlfriend for months. In the mornings, I was waking up with headaches and was tired all day long. I have been looking for a permanent solution for my snoring problem and found out about the snoring surgeries. I have read many articles about the different surgical methods and their costs. 

Based on my knowledge, the cost of snoring surgeries’ depend on the country and the surgical method used for the treatment. The surgical method varies according to the reason of snoring and your budget. Snoring may be caused by the enlarged uvula, elongated soft palate, tonsils, adenoids, voice box, the base of the tongue, narrow airway, or enlarged nasal passages. However, snoring surgeries cost a lot, and insurance companies barely cover the costs for these types of surgeries.

I realized that laser treatment is the most popular surgical method to solve snoring and sleep apnea problems. I called a couple of clinics in the United States and asked about the price ranges for the laser method. The average price for each laser and RF session is around $500 USD. In most cases, people need up to 5 sessions, that increase the total costs to the average of $2500 USD. It seems the prices are lower in Canada; the average total cost is $2,000 CAD.

Laser treatment is an expensive treatment method in almost every country. It costs around £2,000 in the UK and $3000 in Australia. The cost of the surgery is HK$8,479 in Hong Kong, and it is even more expensive in Singapore; only the consultation cost around S$150.

There are also some additional costs, such as a sleep disorder test, that should be done before the surgery and usually costs between $200 and $300. By doing a sleep study the presence or absence of sleep apnea will be confirmed by the specialist. The sleep study can be done in a medical center or at home.

During the sleep test, medical devices in the room measure and record the heart rate, lungs and brain activity, muscle movements, airflow in your nose and mouth, and the oxygen level in your blood. The result of the study indicates the reason and the level of your sleeping problem.

However, you may get surprised knowing that although snoring surgery is expensive, it doesn’t guarantee to eliminate the snoring problem permanently. The very popular laser surgery doesn’t cure snoring completely; in the best case, it can reduce the intensity of the snoring noise by 50-75%. Laser surgery usually takes 1-2 hour, and you will be sedated to prevent any sudden or unwanted movements during the surgery. It is an outpatient surgery, and you will be released from the clinic on the same day.

There are also other surgical methods that need to be done in severe conditions. Snoring can be a symptom of a very serious physical problem. In this case, you may need to undergo a more complex operation that costs way higher.

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