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Asked a question 3 years ago

What is your most epic SNORY (snoring story)?

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Tell us your most epic and funny Snoring Story! Did you wake up the rest of the passengers on the flight? Did your snoring get mistaken for a bear? We want to know!  ✏️

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I was on the commuter train in Toronto after returning home from London, England and having gone right back to work with jet lag.  I was sitting in my seat facing people and kept nodding off and when I would wake up they looked at me like "OMG, you're snoring SUPER loud".  This happened 3-4 times and then the next time I woke up face down in the aisle of t train.  I was very embarrassed, climbed bag into my seat and the lady across from me said "well at least you stopped snoring" ... indeed I did.  

I went to work for 1 hours, took an UBER home and slept for 15 hours straight with Nora ... and not a peep.


We went out of town for an overnight trip.  Just one night.  I left Nora at home.  That night my snoring was so loud that my wife debated shaking me or simply whacking me over the head with a pillow.  Thankfully, she chose the gentler, less violent option!  I had no idea until morning.  I slept so deeply that I was completely unaware of what was going on.  My wife insists on calling Smart Nora the other "smart woman" in my life.  She loves Nora even more than I do.

I can finally feel rested and obviously I got a good nights sleep after I got Smart Nora. I don’t have an epic story but my husband would say, “ i have an epic story! Me and the dogs can finally sleep!!”

I bought Smart Nora for my husband because I had resorted to trying to get some sleep on the couch in the living room or the bed in the guest bedroom. I have used ear plugs and have used ear buds listening to music in order to get some sleep. Since we set up Smart Nora, I have been sleeping and the bedroom all night with my husband and the best news is I've lost 9 pounds in a month!

When I was in high School, I went to a boarding academy. When I would snore my roommate who slept on the bottom bunk would kick the top bunk where I was sleeping to get me to stop snoring. One night he kicked the bed so hard, it moved the support and me and the mattress crashed down on top of him. Needless to say it did not cure my snoring but it did cure his habit of kicking my bed.