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Asked a question 3 years ago

What is your most epic SNORY (snoring story)?

This question has a reward worth 1,000 Points from Oviene and is in decision making phase!

Reward rules

Tell us your most epic and funny Snoring Story! Did you wake up the rest of the passengers on the flight? Did your snoring get mistaken for a bear? We want to know!  ✏️

💥Win 1000 points that is worth $100! 💥

⚪Winner will be chosen based on the content and number of upvotes or likes that the answer receives.

⚪To enter this contest you must register with a valid email address.

⚪Winner will be contacted by email.

⚪If your story is chosen, you'll receive 1000 Points which will be converted into real cash! We'll send the $100 directly to you via PayPal.

Invite your friends to our community to get more up-votes on your answer and win the prize! 💰

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