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Alternative Snoring Treatments
Alternative Snoring Treatments


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Many essential oils help eliminate the complex of causes that cause snoring: nasal congestion, colds, stress. The essential oil for snoring helps to make it less pronounced or completely eliminate it. The most effective in combating this problem is considered... (More)

Someone I know underwent very painful and difficult (non-laser) surgery some years ago, which he hoped would help his nasal issues and cure his snoring. He said it was the most painful thing he ever experienced and at the end... (More)

Marjoram is supposed to be excellent. I bought a jar of it from a company who swore if you used the large size and opened it just before bedtime so it would permeate the room, your snoring would stop.

I... (More)

Snoring is a big issue for both snorers and their partners. Fortunately, there are many solutions in the market for the common condition of snoring. The suitable solutions for snoring may be different for each person; It depends on your... (More)

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