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Marriage means sharing your life with someone else, and this takes love, sacrifice, and respect to have a successful marriage. There are some essential elements that can help you have a happy marital life. Below are some keys to... (More)

Jealousy is an emotional response to the fear of losing someone or something you love. Although intense jealousy can threaten your romantic relationship, it can be advantageous in very small doses.

Some researchers claim that a little bit of jealousy... (More)

A healthy relationship makes you feel peaceful, valuable, remove loved and supported. A relationship is healthy when you can communicate clearly, understand each other, and respect the boundaries of one another. 

1. Communication is a fundamental part of a healthy... (More)

There are many factors that make a healthy relationship, but below are what I think are the most important.

Self love

Before you can love others, it is important to love yourself first. Because how can you give something to... (More)