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Smart Nora


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I was on the commuter train in Toronto after returning home from London, England and having gone right back to work with jet lag.  I was sitting in my seat facing people and kept nodding off and when I would... (More)

We went out of town for an overnight trip.  Just one night.  I left Nora at home.  That night my snoring was so loud that my wife debated shaking me or simply whacking me over the head with a pillow.... (More)

As soon as we set up our Smart Nora, my wife told me that my snoring no longer woke her at night.  She abandoned the notion that she might have to sleep in another room.  We have had our Nora... (More)

My husband snores. It’s bad. We were sleeping in different bedrooms and hated it. Next step was a cpap and both of us wanted to try everything possible first. We ordered the Smart Nora. It’s been life changing! we are... (More)