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Snoring Facts
Snoring Facts


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Snoring loudly is one of the indicators of sleep apnea but it does not guarantee that the person has sleep apnea. Individuals who do not snore could also still be affected.

There are three forms of sleep apneas, Obstructive Sleep... (More)

Originally answered to "What to do when someone is snoring?"

Many of the snorers keep their partners awake at night by their loud and annoying snores. A snorer won’t understand how bothersome it is to stay awake all night unless he/she has a snoring partner. My partner snores and won’t... (More)

Snoring is always bothersome and embarrassing, at least it was for my snorer husband and me. Although snoring is a common condition, it is always annoying for the people who are sleeping next to a snorer. I was hearing my... (More)

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